Know the Signs of Stroke

May is Stroke Awareness month. Time is of the essence when you or someone you care about is having a stroke, so it’s important to know all the early signs and not just the standard ones. If someone near you has these signs/symptoms, call 911 immediately, or press the emergency  button on your medical alert pendant or  home security system keypad. Numbness, weakness, or slackening … Continue reading Know the Signs of Stroke

#TestimonialTuesday Roundup

Here are some stories we’ve shared recently for #TestimonialTuesday from Guardian customers. We love to share snippets of customers’ stories but we thought you might like to read some of our their full true stories. These reviews and true stories came from a variety of places including Consumer Affairs, TrustPilot and the Apple App Store. Ervin F., Ohio “Cooking my wife pancakes, didn’t have the stove … Continue reading #TestimonialTuesday Roundup

Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Going to the playground, whether it is in your backyard or somewhere in your community, is a great way for kids to get outdoors and play. Playgrounds can be places of healthy exercise, creative play and socialization. However, about 200,000 kids go to the ER annually because of a playground related injury according to  Making a couple of safety choices now will allow the … Continue reading Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Ways to Use Alerts To Your Benefit

Many apps on your smartphone send you alerts. Sometimes they’re very valuable. For instance,  you want to know if you got a text that you need to see or a weather alert text telling you that a major storm is coming. Other times, notifications can drive you crazy and you just start to ignore them. Overall  however, notifications can be pretty handy and can offer … Continue reading Ways to Use Alerts To Your Benefit

Prepare for Spring Storms

Spring is known for unexpected and severe weather. From tornados to thunderstorms and potential flooding, it’s time to get prepared in case a storm strikes where you are. Being aware of what’s coming and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself are both very important steps. There are many ways you can be made aware of oncoming storms. Most smartphones have weather alerts that come … Continue reading Prepare for Spring Storms

Is Your Lawn a Security Risk?

As you’re getting your lawn ready for summer, make sure that the answer to each of the following questions is not “yes”. If your yard has any of these risk factors, you should consider beefing up your security: Do you have a spare key hiding under a rock? Do you have a large amount of lawn furniture left out all summer long? Do you sometimes … Continue reading Is Your Lawn a Security Risk?

Enable the Guardian Skill for the Amazon Echo

Guardian Protection now has a “skill” for the Amazon Echo. What does that mean? You can ask Alexa to help you out by “asking Guardian” to operate certain features of your security system for you or to check the status of some aspects of your Guardian system.  Setting up the Guardian Skill takes four steps if you already use the Guardian App. Install Your Alexa-Enabled … Continue reading Enable the Guardian Skill for the Amazon Echo

Does Your Home Look Like An Easy Target?

You’ve probably spent time making your home look appealing, but how often have you considered what your house looks like to a potential burglar? It’s possible that you don’t even know that your home looks like an easy target! We have some suggestions for you to address this issue. One of the most important things you can do is make sure that potential burglars don’t … Continue reading Does Your Home Look Like An Easy Target?