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National Night Out Events 2016

Have you heard about National Night Out? Whether you realize it or not, your neighborhood is your first line of defense when it comes to your home’s security. National Night Out is an annual event aims to build communities in neighborhoods to promote safety and understanding. In many cases these events are hosted by police departments and are a great resource for your community. Building … Continue reading National Night Out Events 2016

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Summer Security Stats You Need to Know

Household burglaries are 11% greater in summer than winter. Why? Burglars pay attention to the small details suggesting a vacant home and due to summertime being a popular time for vacations there are more vacant homes for weeks at a time. Mail– Some say stop the mail, so a full mailbox does not raise a red flag. The best solution would be to allow a … Continue reading Summer Security Stats You Need to Know

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Security Options for Vacation Rentals

Its prime vacation season and many people have a bucket list of places they want to visit. For others it may mean a booked summer on their vacation rental property. Either way it is always a good reminder to remain secure. If you were vacationing at a property would you not feel safer leaving your items as you explore? If you were the owner of … Continue reading Security Options for Vacation Rentals

Reasons To Invest In Home Automation

Home automation can seem like a huge and maybe even extravagant investment to make. Many features of home automation can save you money in the long run in addition to adding to the convenience of your life. Home Automation is an investment worth consideration to help you maintain your peace-of-mind. You are a busy person. Work and home responsibilities and everything in-between fills up your … Continue reading Reasons To Invest In Home Automation

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Guardian Warns Against Weather

Because they were warned about the tornado by their Guardian alarm system, they were able to act quickly. When Ciegi’s peaceful sleep was interrupted by an alarm tone from her Guardian security system, it caused a bit of panic. Almost immediately, however, she recognized the tone was different than the burglary alarm.  She inquired at the keypad and noticed it said “weather alert”. Ciegi, who … Continue reading Guardian Warns Against Weather


You Might Need An Amazon Echo For Your Smart Home

You may have seen commercials advertising the Amazon Echo where people address “Alexa” and ask her to respond to questions in a home. Voice control has been around in smartphones for a while, but Alexa takes it to another level. What would you use the Amazon Echo for? Well for one thing, you can optimize the use  of your home security and smart home devices, … Continue reading You Might Need An Amazon Echo For Your Smart Home

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Imagine a Vacation Without Worry

It is finally summertime which means that for many people it is nearing vacation time. While there is a lot to look forward to while planning for a vacation, there is also so much to stress about. Whether you’re traveling alone or with the family, there are many things to work out, weather to account for, travel plans with benefits and downsides (everyone hates those … Continue reading Imagine a Vacation Without Worry

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What You Need To Know: National Safety Month 2016

It’s time again for National Safety Month. This year’s themes give you tangible areas to look at to make sure you’re being safe at home, work and when you’re out in the world. Keeping your family safe in a sometimes dangerous world can be overwhelming but this  campaign exists to help you take specific areas of safety into consideration. We are also going to share … Continue reading What You Need To Know: National Safety Month 2016

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Guardian App ‘Scenes’ Gives Control With One Button

If you’ve recently updated your Guardian Protection Services App you might have noticed a new section in your app called ‘Scenes.’ In this section are four categories: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. These are all times that you might want several things to happen at once. For example, when you leave your house the ‘Away’ function could be set up to arm your security … Continue reading Guardian App ‘Scenes’ Gives Control With One Button