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What to ask before signing a contract

With all the news of home security company scams, it’s important to consider many factors before choosing a company that you can trust for the security monitoring of your home and family. Below are some questions to consider. Guardian is happy to answer any of these questions for you; just reach out to us via social media or call for more information.

Some questions to ask:

  • Is the security monitoring company reputable? What is their BBB rating? How are they rated on trusted, well recognized consumer review sites?
  • How do their services compare to other companies?
  • How does the alarm company respond an alarm activation? Who do they call first? What is their average response time?
  • What services, other than home security and monitoring does the company offer?
  • Is the installation or monitoring subcontracted?
  • What are the prices for every aspect: installation, monitoring, service, etc.?
  • What is the contract period?
  • If you want/need to cancel, what happens?
  • If you sign the contract and then change your mind, what can you do?

Mutual agreements, also known as contracts exist to protect all parties by clearly outlining terms, services and conditions. Start off right. Ask questions and read the whole contract before signing. Good research is the first step towards peace-of -mind from the home security company you have chosen to monitor what is most important to you.

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