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Technology from Movies & TV Comes to Life with Guardian

From the beginning of cinematographic history, movies and television shows have been depicting the future of technology. From the flying, spaceship-like cars of “The Jetsons” to Marty McFly’s hoverboard and self-lacing shoes from the “Back to the Future” franchise, our entertainment has offered us vastly different views of the future. In some surprising ways, smart home technology has followed through with some of the technology in these science fiction worlds.

Live video: The Jetsons use live video to see and hear what’s going on in other locations. The idea of talking with video isn’t abnormal to us today since most internet-connected computers and smartphones allow for some sort of video chatting. However, with Guardian’s wireless cameras, you can watch live video of what is happening in your home or business via your internet-connected devices.  You can perform live look-ins and monitor when a teenage child is home alone or if someone is entering your home without your permission.

Tech that learns: From classics like “2001: A Space Odyssey” to the recent “Interstellar,” artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of numerous movies and television shows.  Guardian might not have AI technology, but our emPower™ interactive  energy management solutions can “learn” your activity patterns and potentially offer you a way to lower your energy bills and optimize your home automation.

Automation: Marty McFly’s 2015 home from “Back to the Future Part II” could be entered with a fingerprint scanner instead of a lock. Lights were turned on via voice recognition. Basically, his home was connected and automated. Guardian’s Home Automation offerings allow you to set up your system to  turn lights  on and  off and operate your thermostat automatically. For example, you can set your preferences up to arm your security system, turn off the lights, and lower the thermostat as soon as you lock the door and vice versa when the door is unlocked.  With all these devices connected you can have them work together to fit your lifestyle. You don’t even need voice recognition or fingerprint scanners!

Mobile Notifications. In all the incarnations of “Star Trek,” the crew of the starship Enterprise uses a variety of mobile devices to communicate and interact with their day-to-day tasks from their Communicators and Tricorders to their Personal Access Display Devices. Today we have smartphones and tablets that have many apps to manage our lives. With Guardian’s mobile app through Alarm.com, you can arm and disarm your system, control your home and be notified of activity at your home anywhere you have internet access.

Learn more about of these smart home automation features and discover how you can live your life like the Jetsons did, at least a little bit!

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