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Here’s Why Your Mom Really Wants Guardian

Whether Mother’s Day snuck up on you or you are already preparing for next year, a home security plan from Guardian might be just what your mother wants for Mother’s Day. You might be thinking, Why would my mother want something as boring as a security system? Home Security is more than just a couple of sensors, it’s the comfort that you have  a top-ranked security company monitoring your family in case of a burglary, fire or medical emergency.

Whether your mom travels often or struggles with health issues, she can know that Guardian’s 24/7 monitoring allows her to know that Guardian is ready to respond in case something goes wrong. Some of Guardian’s many plans include the following features:

  • 24/7 monitoring that will alert the police, EMS or fire department in case of an emergency.
  • Medical pendants and key fobs that allow users to alert Guardian if they have had a medical emergency.
  • Wireless home security that has options for landlines or cellular communications.
  • Heat sensors and photoelectric smoke detectors that can help detect heat, smoke, lethal gases and possible fires quickly and notify Guardian’s monitoring center.
  • Remote Home Control and Energy Management that allows a customer to arm and disarm his or her security system, lock and unlock individual points of entry, adjust lighting and thermostat schedules and manage access via an internet-connected mobile device or PC.

Moms often spend their whole lives worrying about their children. Give her one less think to worry about. Call 866-533-6717 or fill out this form to get more information about Guardian. Make sure you check out our Spring Offer, as well.

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