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Partnering with Law Enforcement for Safer Communities

In an ongoing commitment to help keep communities safer, Guardian partners with local law enforcement in the surrounding areas of each of its branch offices. Beyond helping to protect homes and businesses, we want to work for safer neighborhoods by supporting the work of police departments in these communities through our Guardian Protection Services’ Community Partnership Program. Since it is National Police Week, we want to remind you of the ways we support the police officers who are on the front lines of helping to prevent crime where you live.

Neighborhood Watch– Guardian wants to help your Neighborhood Crime Watch group. With help from police departments, we provide Crime Watch signs that help to send a warning to potential criminals to think twice before targeting your neighborhood. A Neighborhood Crime Watch can help bring your community together to raise awareness and work with law enforcement. Guardian has been supporting these groups for over 15 years.

Guardian recently provided additional signs for new communities in Kennedy Township in Pennsylvania. Guardian has been working with the Kennedy Township Police Department for many years as part of proactive crime prevention. According to Police Chief Anthony Bruni, the signs also help remind the residents in Kennedy Township to pay attention to and report suspicious behavior. Basically along with warning potential criminals that they should say away, these signs are also part of the “if you see something, say something” mentality in the communities.

Learn more about Neighborhood Crime Watch

GuardianKIDS I.D.-  Our GuardianKIDS I.D. Program utilizes sophisticated equipment and software, to digitally fingerprint and photograph children, providing parents with a “Bio-Doc” featuring the child’s photo, fingerprints and personal statistics. Having this information available helps law enforcement in the case of a missing child. While the GuardianKIDS I.D. program is available during events that 50 or more kids attend, Guardian also provides police departments and neighborhood crime watch associations with free fingerprint kits to create their own I.D. information.

If you’re interested in putting together a do-it-yourself I.D. document for your children, you can download a template from Guardian. It’s important to update the information on this document every year for each of your children.

Learn more about the GuardianKIDS I.D. Program

Free Resources– Guardian offers free resources that can be found on our website about safety topics including child, personal and fire safety issues. When requested by local law enforcement in our service areas, we provide print versions of these documents, but having them available to anyone who wants them online means they’re accessible to anyone. Helping spread accurate safety information is very important to us.


You can view many of our free resources on the Guardian website!



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