Are Those Door-to-Door Salespeople from Guardian or a Scam?

In the spring and summer, salespeople start knocking on doors. With stories of scams all over the news, it can be hard to know who to trust. We receive numerous complaints about unsolicited salespeople who claim to be from Guardian Protection Services. We want to set the record straight so you can discern the truth from deceitful claims.

You may be solicited by our competitors who will make false claims in order to convince you to sign another monitoring agreement. We have received more and more reports of this fraudulent conduct in the last two years.

Guardian only sends technicians or representatives if you have requested service or a presentation.

What should you do if you are approached by a fraudulent salesperson?

  1. Call Guardian and report what you experienced at 855-859-1202. Our Customer Care Department wants to know about cases of fraud and can answer any questions you have if you were approached.
  2. Do not allow anyone but a Guardian technician access or repair your system. This will help ensure the integrity of your system.
  3. Don’t sign another agreement. Though salespeople will try to lure you with promises of cheaper, more elaborate equipment, you will receive two monthly bills if you sign another contract without terminating your contract with Guardian Protection Services.
  4. Trust yourself. If something doesn’t “seem right,” it probably isn’t. Often these salespeople will not be able to show you a business card or in-depth document proving their association with Guardian. Ask the salesperson to leave and contact Guardian right away.

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