Hurricane Season Is Coming And Guardian Is Ready To Be There For You

Hurricane season is looming, and customers who live in affected areas are always wondering, in the case of a weather-related emergency, what will we do? With Guardian’s UL–certified, TMA Five Diamond, 24/7 alarm monitoring centers, you know our facilities will be there for you, providing consistent service and monitoring working systems.

If A Storm Is Coming: The process of helping you protect your home starts before storms even make landfall. Our professionals at our two monitoring centers in Pennsylvania and Arizona monitor major weather events nationwide and increase our staffing to meet any potential needs in areas where our customers are located. If a weather event cannot be predicted, monitoring center staff can bring in on-call professionals and even be assisted by employees from other departments who are cross-trained to assist in the monitoring center.

If You Call Guardian’s Monitoring Center During A Weather Event:  You can be sure you will be soon speaking to our highly trained professionals. In the past year, the average time it took for a monitoring center specialist to answer customer calls was under 6 seconds. If you call Guardian’s monitoring center needing emergency assistance during extreme weather, you should be able to get through, usually within seconds. Guardian’s monitoring center initiates a response to emergency alarm signals in 30 seconds or less. If your alarm should trigger during a weather event, Guardian will follow the appropriate protocol.

If You Cannot Answer Guardian’s Call Because Of Weather-Related Events: When an alarm sounds at your residence during a weather emergency, you might not be able to respond to a resulting call from the monitoring center. If the operators cannot get in touch with you, they will attempt contacting your other contacts and then alert local authorities, who will likely have power redundancies.

If The Extreme Weather Is In Pennsylvania or Arizona: If either of our monitoring stations are experiencing extreme weather, you have no need to worry. Our services will continue to operate. As a part of Guardian’s UL Certification, both of Guardian’s monitoring centers have multiple power redundancies. Not only are we supported by an Uninterruptible Power System, but also several generators. The backup power systems are routinely tested, inspected and maintained so that they are kept in impeccable working order.

Updated August 2017. 


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