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Ways to Save Money Around the House This Summer

We are well on our way through spring and nearing summer! Summer can be full of all sorts of projects and fun around the house, but costs can add up. If you don’t want to empty your wallet this summer, use these tips to plan a summer full of savings.

Plan for your home improvement projects– Summer is a great time to do some work to improve your home. If you plan for these projects, you can save a lot of money on supplies. Home improvement stores often have sales before Father’s Day, for example (source). Make a list of your top projects and what you need and then plan your purchases around sales. You’ll be even more proud of your DIY projects when you realize how much money you saved!

Free Entertainment– Summer offers a lot of options for free entertainment for you and your family and much of it is not far from home. Make sure to get outside and enjoy local parks for free. Pack a picnic for the perfect afternoon or evening and save money by avoiding restaurants! If you can walk to your location, you’re getting healthier and saving on gas as well. Pay attention to ways to save money on more costly entertainment, too. Many amusement parks, museums and zoos have deals for family passes, times of low attendance or special events.

Cook Outside– If you have some time to do outside cooking on a grill or around a fire, take advantage. Not only is this activity a fun summer experience in itself, but it also saves money by keeping the heat involved in cooking outside of your home. If you can’t cook outside, occasionally planning meals that avoid using the stove can go a long way towards keeping your home cooler and therefore spending less on AC.

Control the Temp– Energy costs are often very high during hot summers. It can cost a ton to keep your family from sweltering in the heat and humidity. According to Energy.gov– “programmable thermostats can save up to $150 a year on energy costs when used properly” Guardian’s Home Automation offerings allow you to control your temps by programming your temperatures and noticing patterns in you heating/cooling that can save you money.

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