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Behind the Scenes: How Guardian Keeps Up With Technology

The world of home security and home automation technology is changing all the time. At Guardian, we are always testing new technology and product offerings to make sure you get only the newest technology that can truly improve your life and home security.

The process for implementing new technology starts with seeing what’s out there. According to Steve Schwartz, Guardian’s resident home security tech guru whose office is filled with potential new products, Guardian examines a majority of the products that could fit into your home security/home automation systems. They follow a stringent process for testing and proposing new technology:

  1. Examine the product’s features, compliance and compatibility.
  2. Make sure the product can communicate with the rest of the products in a system.
  3. Internal testing of manufacturer-sent technology.
    • Is this product reliable?
    • What resources does it require?
    • Can it be programmed and supported by our techs?
  4. If a product makes it through testing, it’s proposed to a committee.
  5. If approved, it gets rolled out to customers.

This simplified version of the process exists so that any potential problems can be determined and prevented. New technology that doesn’t properly work with current systems or that requires a large change for our installers could cause huge glitches that majorly affect the system. This process however ensures that customers are only offered the best and most reliable products to help protect their home. It also brings to light any procedural changes for installers, technicians and users.

What is the coolest technology you can get from Guardian right now? It’s probably the HD Video doorbell. But you can see a variety of Guardian’s security and smart devices on our website.

When you choose Guardian, you know you have technologically advanced solutions that are also reliable and well supported.

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