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Is Your Yard Helping Burglars?

According to FBI data, Household burglary rates are 11% higher in summer compared to winter. As we near summer, it’s important to remember these seasonal trends. You aren’t powerless in the summer to help prevent a burglary, however. One area you should pay extra attention to during the summer to help safeguard your home against burglars is your yard.

Take a look at this checklist for things to pay attention to in your yard this summer.

  • Put ladders and tools away, they can be used by burglars in an attempted burglary.
  • Secure any outdoor valuables like grills or patio furniture.
  • If you have a fence, make sure it is sturdy and watch for any weaknesses or entry points.
  • Keep your landscaping neat and trimmed so it does not provide an easy hiding place.
  • Don’t leave your evidence of big purchases out- for example a HD TV box out with your garbage is a clue for burglars that you have nice, new technology.
  • Keep your curtains drawn, especially when you are not home, so no one can see into your home.
  • Don’t leave your spare key outside in an easy to access place.
  • Make sure you home security system yard sign is visible all year.

How do you protect your home in the summer? Send your tips to social@gpsx.net. If you don’t have a Guardian Security System, visit our website to learn more.

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