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What You Need To Know: Flooding

According to FloodSafety.com, flash flooding causes the most deaths of all weather-related fatalities in the United States. On a worldwide scale, flooding is the most common natural disaster and accounts for 40 percent of all natural disasters. Considering the prevalence of flooding it’s important to know some facts about how to avoid the danger of flooding.

Flooding can be based on many factors, history being one of them. “Anywhere it rains, it can flood,” according to Ready.gov. Get to know the risks of your areas by examining flood maps of your areas. Flood insurance can help alleviate the financial damage of a flood if you live in a flood-prone area since regular homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

Flooding is also particularly dangerous when you are in a car. If you see an area that is flooding, follow the advice of the National Weather Service: “Turn Around and Don’t Drown.” One foot of water can carry away a small car and 2 feet of water can carry away larger vehicles. Never drive into flood waters. Even walking through flood waters is dangerous. It only takes 6 inches of water to knock down an adult.

Pay attention to flood or flash flood watches and warnings in your area especially if your home is in an area that is prone to flooding. A flash flood can happen for 6 hours after heavy rainfall. Sometimes flooding can occur when there hasn’t been any noticeable rainfall. If a flood warning (more severe than a flood watch) is issued in your area, make sure you get to higher ground.

Here are some valuable resources on flooding:

Flood Safety- The Red Cross
Floods- Ready.gov
Turn Around Don’t Drown®- National Weather Service

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