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Watch Dogs VS. Home Security Systems

ShowdownThere is no question that dogs are man’s best friend, but can they take the place of a home security system? Guard dogs can be intimidating and they are a traditional kind of home “protection” but as modern security systems get better and better, they might be considered more effective and efficient than guard dogs. Here are some things to consider when looking at the benefits of having a guard dog versus a home security system.

Pros of Dogs:

  1. A guard dog provides a more immediate threat for burglars. Their barking might begin before the intruder attempts entry, (which is usually when an alarm siren starts), and a dog attack on the intruder may be more immediate than the arrival of police who do not respond until notified.
  2. Dogs provide their owners loyalty and companionship outside of their guard dog duties.
  3. Guard dogs are a clear indication that the house isn’t going to be an easy target, which often acts as a deterrent (especially if you have a “beware of dog” sign and the criminal can hear your dog barking).
  4. Dogs can be trained as guard dogs to improve their effectiveness.
  5. Dogs are unlikely to have technical difficulties.

Pros of Home Security:

  1. Home security systems cannot be distracted by a bone or sleep through an invasion.
  2. Monitored security systems can notify the police where a dog’s bark doesn’t notify anyone except perhaps your neighbors.
  3. Insurance companies often offer credits or discounts when you have a monitored home security system. These discounts aren’t offered when you have a guard dog.
  4. Guard dogs can be unpredictably costly when you figure in veterinarian bills and training costs. You can usually predict the investment involved in a monitored security system.
  5. Guard dogs can increase your liability in some cases, especially if they are trained to bite.
  6. Guard dogs cannot help to protect your home when you are away on vacation, unless you have a dog sitter.
  7. Yard signs for home security systems can help to serve as a  deterrent for burglars.

The solution:

Monitored home security systems provide a consistent, around-the-clock solution for helping to protect your home. If you want to have a guard dog, consider giving them the assistance of a monitored alarm system. The two together might create just the team you want to help increase your peace of mind about your home and its security.

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  1. Prevent Burglary October 19, 2015 at 7:54 am - Reply

    I’d go with the home security. Family’s safety is my priority. I want them to be protected. Since home security is the primary solution to this, I’d choose it.

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