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Tips for Building Your Dream House

Thinking of starting the process of building a new house? Congrats! We have some advice for home builders.

Do a lot of planning- If you’re thinking about building a house, you are going to have a lot of planning. Don’t forget to plan for all aspects. Are you ready to move? You probably want to start gathering packing materials. Do you have your finances in line? It’s time to start meeting with bankers. Do you know what you want in a home? Start visiting model homes.

Shop around- Whether you’re looking for new furniture and building materials or services like a contractor and architect, make sure to price them  and look around for the best deal. For items like furniture, the earlier you can decide what you need, the longer you can watch for sales and deals so you make sure to get a low price.

Overestimate- Budgeting is very important, but make sure you leave some extra room in case something costs more than you expect. You can do the same thing when you are budgeting your time. Making a little bit of an overestimation can leave you with some extra resources at the end, which is nicer than being overextended and disappointed at the end of your project.

Make wise investments- Some things are worth a little bit of a splurge.  When it comes to safety-related features, you definitely don’t want to skimp. Green building practices can also save you money in the long run, even if they are a bit more expensive initially. If your budget is tight, try not to make your splurges on trends or items that won’t hold up over time. Consider investing in a home security system so that your dream home isn’t an easy target for burglars.

Pre-wiring options- When you are building a new home, consider prewiring for your future needs. Whether it’s home security components, electronics capabilities, or home theater/surround sound, you can make your life easier by having the wiring built right in. At Guardian, we offer a wide variety of builder options including everything from built in intercom or whole home audio to central vacuuming options.  Learn more.


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