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Be Prepared For A Medical Emergency

Nobody really wants to have to call 911 and have emergency personnel come to their house. In the spirit of preparedness, a couple of quick steps can make you more ready to respond and help emergency personnel respond to your needs efficiently. Ask yourself these questions to assess:

  1. Can you see your house number from the road?
    Make sure it is visible from both sides of the road. It is good to have large numbers both on your mailbox and the front of your home. These numbers should contrast against their background and be reflective for increased visibility at night.
  2. Will a responder be shocked by your pets?
    You might not even think about how strangers would react to your pets, but emergency responders might be shocked or have to be extra cautious. If you warn responders about your pets on the phone and through signage, the responders will be more prepared.
  3. Do your children know what to do if they have to call 911?
    Make sure your children know what to do in an emergency. As soon as possible, teach them their address, phone number and when it is appropriate to call 911.
  4. Are your emergency contacts readily available?
    If you are leaving your children with a babysitter, make sure they have easy access to your emergency contacts (both for you and for other family members). It can be helpful to have this list posted visibly in your house for anyone who might be there in an emergency. Also, if you have your In Case of Emergency or ICE numbers programmed in your phone, they can give valuable contact information to first responders in the case that you are incapacitated.
  5. Do you know the roads and landmarks around your home?
    If you have to talk a first responder through navigating to your home, could you do it? It can be helpful to give him or her landmarks and street names if you think there will be difficulty in  locating your home.

A Guardian system can help you be ready for a medical emergency. Our monitoring center can initiate a response in average of 30 seconds after you trigger the response system. Then we notify appropriate first responders for your area. If you establish that you would like your emergency contacts notified, we will attempt to contact them.

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