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You Can Help End Hunger This Weekend

September is also Hunger Action Month. Hunger is an intimidatingly large and pervasive problem both in the U.S. and worldwide. It can be overwhelming to try to help end world hunger, but there are some simple things you could do over the weekend to help put a dent in this issue.

  1. Play Free Rice. Free Rice is a vocabulary game where each correct answer earns a donation of 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme. It’s a fun game for people of all ages and it’s rewarding to see your bowl fill up with rice
  2. Visit a Food Bank. Food banks provide food to many struggling Americans and according to United We Serve, the Corporation for National & Community Service “72% of food banks do not feel as though they are able to adequately meet the needs of their communities without adjusting the amount of food distributed.” Your local food bank would likely appreciate your volunteer hours or food donations to help alleviate the needs in your community. At Guardian we donate canned goods to a local food kitchen every year during the holidays.
  3. Make a Donation. Many organizations, such as Feeding America, use monetary donations to help feed people. This group, which sponsors Hunger Action Month, says that for every dollar you donate, you fund 11 meals towards the 3 million meals sourced. Worldwide organizations like the World Food Programme are a reputable source for donations as well. Always check out charities on CharityNavigator.org to make sure organizations are reputable and responsible with donations.
  4. Write to Congress. Feeding America also supplies this suggestion. Governmental assistance programs play a part in the issue of hunger in America, as does their understanding and support of food banks. Telling your congress persons that hunger is an important issue to you and your state can help move progress along.

Most of these steps won’t take up your whole weekend but could make a huge difference in helping to fight hunger problems for people around the world.

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