How To Help Prevent False Alarms

More than just an inconvenience, false alarms may impact our neighbors, law enforcement, fire departments or emergency personnel (EMS) and may put a serious dent in your wallet due to  false alarm fees levied by the municipality.  This is understandable given that public resources are valuable, can be limited, and therefore best used when directed to situations that actually require their assistance.

At Guardian, our commitment to first responders and to providing a quality home security system extends beyond our equipment and monitoring services. Our goal is to help make life easier and safer for all of our customers. That’s why we work closely with the False Alarm Reduction Association to help improve our equipment and monitoring processes and educate homeowners to help reduce false alarms.

Fortunately, most false alarms are avoidable. We’ll explain some of the most common causes – and what you can do to prevent them. If you still have questions about false alarms, read Alarm System Reviews article on false alarms.

Operator Error
Not necessarily surprising, false alarms can be caused by our own actions:

  • Using an incorrect key code to disarm the security system.
  • Forgetting to properly secure doors and windows before arming the system.
  • Trying to re-enter the home immediately after arming the system (during the exit delay).

The great news is, there’s an easy fix. Mistakes like the ones we listed above are usually caused when we’re in a rush to either get in or out the door. When you’re preparing to leave your home and ready to activate your system, make a habit out of checking the windows and doors in your home to make sure they’re securely closed. If you forgot something on your way out the door, don’t try to “beat the clock”.  Take the extra few seconds and disarm your system before heading back inside. And when you do return home, enter your key code carefully into your keypad.

[TIP: Use the Guardian App or a keyfob to make arming and disarming your system as simple as pressing a button]

System Error
Though less frequent, issues related to your home security system may cause a false alarm:

  • Power
    An unsteady power supply can cause your system to malfunction. Maintain your system properly by changing batteries when necessary and if you notice any issues with the primary power supply after installation of your system, call us immediately.
  • Placement
    Improperly placed sensors can make a system more prone to false alarms. Luckily, with a professionally installed Guardian system this shouldn’t be an issue – but, if you add a new pet to your home or have done some renovations, you may need help with placement. Not a problem, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Testing your system is a good idea to make sure that all your monitored devices are communicating properly to the central station. We makes testing simple by offering you the choice of doing this via our customer care website or by calling us directly.

Following the recommendations above will eliminate most, if not all, of the typical causes of a false alarm. But remember, if you have additional questions or concerns, just give us a call. We’re here to help. We also recommend you visit the False Alarm Reduction Association to learn more about how easy it is to prevent false alarms

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