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Life & Security Hacks From Guardian- Part 1

If you are a member of the Guardian family, you’re probably pretty familiar with the basics of how to use your system. There are some more unique ways to utilize what we offer to truly personalize your system to your needs. We wanted to share some of our “hacks” to really put your system to use in the most efficient way for your needs.

  1. Use Customized Triggers To Make Your Life Run Smoothly.

Customized triggers make it possible for specific actions to start a chain reaction. You can use this to make your life easier. For example, you can set it up to automatically lock the doors and turn off the lights after you arm your Guardian security system. This way you can make your house ready to leave with the push of a button. It’s just as easy to set up a chain of events for entering your home, such as having the system disarm and the lights turn on when you unlock the door. All of these functions can be managed from the Guardian App on your Internet-connected smartphone.

  1. Make Sure The Kids Get Home With Image Sensors.

Our image sensors snap a photo when they sense motion that would trigger an alarm. You can receive a text or email alert with the image, a considerable update to your average motion detector. A creative use of this feature is to see when your kids have returned home after school if no one is home when they return. To do this, set up notification to go off when your child disarms the system during the specific time they would be arriving home.

  1. Get Rid of That Key Under A Rock.

Sometimes you have to let someone in the house when you’re not around. The old fashioned method of leaving a key hidden somewhere or giving out keys to many people, is now obsolete. With smart locks, you can set specific user codes for specific people like a babysitter, neighbor, house/dog sitter, etc. This is a much more secure way to let people into your home. Not to mention, you can get an alert informing you as to who is unlocking your door, whether or not your security system is armed.

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