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Life & Security Hacks From Guardian- Part 2

If you are a member of the Guardian Family, you’re probably pretty familiar with the basics of how to use your system. There are some more unique ways to utilize what we offer to truly personalize your system to your needs. We wanted to share some of our “hacks” to really put your system to use in the most efficient way for your needs.

  1. Use your location to make automation seamless.

Using geo services, you can set up reminders and automation. For example, after you set up a geo-fence perimeter around your home, you can be alerted if you leave without locking your doors, arming your system or closing your garage doors. You can also set it up so that your entryway lights turn on when you cross into your geo-fence.

  1. Control your automation from your watch.

Not only can you manage your integrated security and automation from your phone but now you can also do so from your Apple Watch. This is particularly exciting for techies. Everything becomes even more a harmonious part of your everyday life when you can access it from your wrist.

  1. Use point of interest sensors to customize your system.

From your gun safe, wine fridge or medicine cabinet, you can be alerted when an area of particular interest to you is accessed. This can be helpful if you’re trying to keep the kids out of a particular area or just want to know that the last of your precious leftovers remain untouched (yes, it even works on the refrigerator). These point-of-interest sensors truly allow you to personalize your systems to your family’s needs.

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