Why You Should Consider Video Security Now

Video surveillance
might seem like an option only available to businesses and fancy mansions. Whether or not you already have a monitored security system, video surveillance can add another aspect to your interactive home security.

Affordable and reliable- The technology for video security gets more affordable and reliable as time goes on. Stationary cameras, pan- and- tilt and infrared outdoor cameras are all options that Guardian now offers and professionally installs.

Allows you to check in- Mobile apps like the Guardian App makes accessing and monitoring the cameras easy from anywhere you have an Internet connection. With the app you can check in on the kids, a babysitter, aging relatives, or pets. Have peace of mind knowing that you are able to see what’s going on when you aren’t home.

Serves as a deterrent- a visible camera, especially an outdoor model, can help to act as a deterrent for burglars. In addition to a Guardian yard sign or siren, you can send a clear message that your house is being monitored and your home isn’t an easy target.

Have a record- In addition to live streaming the video, you can also set up your system to capture video clips when your alarm goes off. In the unfortunate case that someone does break into your home, you could have a video clip to help document the event and perhaps see how they got in.

To hear more about video security with Guardian, schedule an appointment with one of our experts.


8 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Video Security Now

    1. I currently have Guardian Security in my home. I am considering getting the security camera’s for my home. How much does it cost to have the cameras installed? Do I need to purchase the equipment? How much more do I pay per month? Please let me know via email.

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