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Share To Save This Fall

Fall and winter involves some large investments, from winterizing your home and car to buying holiday gifts. Looking for ways to save money can help alleviate some of the financial stress of the season. If you’re looking for a new way to try to save some cash, find a partner, whether it’s a neighbor, family member or friend and give these tips a chance.

Buy in bulk. Finding a partner makes buying in bulk more practical. The biggest risk of bulk buying is that you won’t be able to use everything before it goes bad, which is why buying in a group can be so helpful if you both need the same sorts of items. It won’t work for everything but for some items it could be helpful. Many bulk retailers require memberships so you can take turns being members and have access to more than one retailer.

Preserve. Preserving seasonal items can be less overwhelming when you share the process with another person as well. Many things are freezable from herbs and vegetables to stocks, hummus and homemade baby food. Some preservation methods such as canning and pickling have a learning curve but working together can make it much more manageable.

Trade or exchange. Trading or exchanging can make it seem like you have twice the options, from wardrobe to toys or specialty items. Even some less frequently used appliances or equipment can be shared. This is the sort of advice that works even better with bigger groups. Consider planning an exchange event for clothing or even Halloween costumes to save money and make use of each other’s resources. As they say, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Ride together. Whether it’s commuting to work or just deciding to travel together for a weekend, riding together is a nice way to save some cash. It can make the trip more enjoyable to join together with your friends and family to get where you need to go while also saving money and being a little kinder to the environment.

Recommend what you like. Often, places will give you a discount if you recommend more customers to them. Take turns trying new things out with a buddy and recommending them if you like your experience. We have a referral program that enters you in to a contest where you could win a year of paid monitoring.

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