The Importance of Your Thermostat

A recent study from Energy Research and Social Science illustrates a fact that’s shown up in research before: People don’t know how to properly use their thermostat.

Programmable thermostats can save a lot of energy in the by managing the process of heating and cooling, a process that takes the most energy of all household energy use.  Properly programming thermostats can help you save money on your electricity bill and is greener. If they aren’t used correctly, however, you don’t get these benefits for the earth and your pocketbook.

If you’re trying to save energy costs by way of  a thermostat there are a couple of things you need to do to get real results. First, you’ll need some sort of programmable thermostat or, better yet, a smart thermostat as a part of your home automation. Next, it has to be set up correctly.

The study showed that most people didn’t know how to program their thermostats. Not only that but often the thermostat’s time and date settings are off, making the whole process more challenging. Reading the manual and knowing how to properly use the device is very important.

The study also tested people’s belief of many myths about heating and cooling homes. Keeping the temperature in your house the same temperature all the time is not the most energy efficient. It’s much better to adjust the temperature of your thermostat throughout the day, for example having a different temperature while you’re at work or sleeping versus when you are home and awake. This way you can expend less energy when you aren’t home and don’t need the home to be as comfortable.

Guardian’s home automation offerings include a thermostat that can be remotely adjusted or scheduled for energy savings from anywhere you have Internet access. can even “learn” your activity patterns to help you create a custom energy-saving schedule so that the temperature of your home is automatically adjusted throughout the day.

The lesson is this: Your thermostat is important! Learn more about how home automation can make it easier than ever to manage.

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