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School Bus Safety 101

This week was named School Bus Safety Week by the National Association for Pupil Transportation. Every year this organization hosts a poster contest to “promote safer school transportation for everyone.” Last year’s poster contest theme resulted in this year’s School Bus Safety Week theme: “Be Smart – Be Seen, I wait in a Safe Place!”

Often we only focus on school safety towards the beginning of the school year, but school bus safety is important anytime  school is in session. So how do children and adults live out the theme “Be Smart – Be Seen, I wait in a Safe Place”?

Student Tips:

  • Arrive at the bus stop with at least 5 minutes to spare
  • Look both ways before crossing any streets
  • Use sidewalks, paths and crosswalks
  • Don’t walk behind busses
  • Always keep distance between you and the side of a bus
  • Be several steps away from the curb while waiting for the bus
  • Don’t enter the bus until it is completely stopped, the door has opened, and the driver invites you onto the bus.

Adult Tips:

  • Watch extra closely when driving during the early morning when children might be waiting for the bus
  • Follow all laws in school zones
  • When driving behind a bus, follow state laws
  • Make sure to talk to your children about the tips for students.
  • Always wait with younger children at the bus stop
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