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Stay Healthy This Fall & Winter

With fall and winter comes the season of illnesses.  Nobody wants to get sick, but sometimes it feels inevitable. There are many things you can do to keep healthier as the weather changes.

Wash your hands frequently: It’s commonly known that washing your hands frequently decreases your risk of getting ill, but it bears repeating. Don’t forget to step up your game and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. Don’t forget to get your whole hand: both sides, between fingers and under nails. This is a very easy step that can help you out immensely in your quest to stay healthy.  Keep hand sanitizer available for those times when you can’t wash with soap and water.

Avoid germ hiding places: There are certain places that many people touch that can gather up germs. Things like the communal pen stash or tissue box at work or the chip bowl at home or a party, are often touched by lots of hands and therefore have many chances for a germ transfer.  When you can avoid these situations by providing your own option, do so! Your toothbrush is also a place germs can hide. If you’ve recently been sick, replace your toothbrush ASAP.

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist: If you think you are getting ill or just have some questions about ways to stay healthy, take the time to talk to your doctor or a pharmacist. Both of these professionals will be able to answer your health questions, recommend over-the-counter medicines and provide medically- based tips for your family.

Find a way continue healthy habits: It can become more difficult to eat healthy and exercise during the winter but these things are even more important to keep healthy.  Keeping your body in tip- top shape allows your immune system to operate at maximum capacity. Make sure you are also getting enough sleep so your body can rest and heal itself.

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