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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

During the winter, the number of deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning increases. You start to see news stories about people being hospitalized or even killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. We’ve all heard the stories.

How do so many deaths still occur from this gas we’ve all been educated about? The unfortunate fact is that carbon monoxide is not only colorless and odorless but the symptoms of poisoning seem like a typical flu. Carbon monoxide detectors can help to provide you one of the fastest ways to notice there is an issue with carbon monoxide in your home.

Benefits of  a Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector

A monitored carbon monoxide detector not only gives you early warning of abnormally high amounts of carbon monoxide gas but also alerts the monitoring center who can notify emergency assistance. You can also get a text notification that the detector has gone off, so you’ll know whether you are at home or not.  This can be particularly important when you and your family are sleeping.

Carbon Monoxide Prevention

Detection of carbon monoxide is key but so is prevention. Carbon Monoxide is released when fuel is burned, whether it is from your car, furnace, gas stove, water heater, or power generators. The danger occurs when a concentration of carbon monoxide is trapped in a contained area like a home or garage. Fuel-burning appliances should be used in a well-ventilated area or have the fumes vented to the outdoors. Your fuel-burning appliances should be checked by a professional every year and you should never leave your car or a generator operating in an enclosed space.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 430 deaths occur per year due to non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not let this happen to you or your family.

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