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Impaired Driving Prevention Month

 From Thanksgiving to New Years, people are doing a lot of travelling and celebrating. It’s great to get together with family and friends and sometimes enjoy some alcoholic beverages. For this reason, December has been named Impaired Driving Prevention Month to help reduce the number of DWI’s (Driving While Intoxicated) and accidents.

Around one third of traffic deaths are a result of driving under the influence of alcohol, killing 10,000 people annually according to the 2015 Presidential Proclamation for National Impaired Driving Prevention Month (statistics from the CDC). Don’t let your holidays end in tragedy. Use the following guides to make the safest choices.

If You Plan On Drinking:

  1. Plan ahead for a safe way home if you’re planning to drink.
  2. Find a designated driver or use a taxi service or public transportation.
  3. Remember that even one drink impairs your driving abilities.
  4. Remember that driving “buzzed” is the same as driving drunk.

If Your Friend/ Family Member Has Been Drinking:

  1. Don’t let a drunk friend or family member get behind the wheel.
  2. Take their keys if necessary.
  3. Offer alternatives to get home or let them sleep over.
  4. Try to be non-confrontational and focus on how much you care about the person and how you don’t want them to hurt themselves or others.
  5. More tips from MADD

If You’re Driving and Suspect a Drunk Driver:

  1. If you see a car exhibiting signs of drunk driving, stay as far away from that vehicle as possible.
  2. Safely pay attention to the license plate number and vehicle details.
  3. Pull over and call 911 giving as much info as you can to the police.
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