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Keep Your Pets Merry During The Holidays

Since your pets are a part of the family, you’ll want to enjoy the holidays with them. Putting a Santa hat or a festive sweater on your pet can be fun, but there are other holiday traditions that can be risky for your pet.

Make sure that your tree is pet-safe. Make sure the tree (whether it’s artificial or the real deal) is significantly anchored so your furry friends can’t knock it down. You know your pets so you know whether or not they’ll be attracted to ornaments and other decorations. It’s best to keep tinsel, wires, breakable ornaments and batteries far out of their reach.

Also avoid any secret poisons on and around your celebrations. Mistletoe and Holly can make pets sick if they are ingested. Though your pets may beg for sweets and human food, avoid giving them any to keep them the healthiest. Alcohol, too, is very dangerous so don’t leave any cocktails unattended where pets can access them.

If your pets are going to be a presence at your party, make sure they have a place to chill and relax, away from the people and noise if they want. Try to stick to their regular food/water schedule as much as possible. Let your guests know all the rules, too! They will appreciate knowing a little bit about your pets’ wants and needs to keep them healthy and happy.

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