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What You Need For The Best Holiday Travel Experience

Travelling around the holidays can be a nightmare. The Internet is full of tips for saving money and lessening stress involved with holiday travel. We wanted to share info about things to make sure you bring along on your trip to help you out.

  1. Empty water bottle & snacks- Make sure you can stay hydrated and fed during your travel. Pack snacks in your purse or backpack. When you’re flying, you can bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you go through security. At the very least, make sure you have some easy-to-access money for something to eat or drink in an emergency.
  2. Unwrapped gifts- The TSA might unwrap your packages, even in your checked baggage. Shipping your gifts home ahead of time can be helpful if you have a lot of them and/or are travelling a far distance or with a big group.
  3. A backpack (vs. a carry on)- Everyone is going to be trying to pack everything in their carry-ons which means two things: First, people will be packing the biggest carry-ons the airlines will possibly allow. Second, the overhead carry-on compartment will be very full. You can bring a backpack and stow it below your plane seat or cough up some extra money to board first so you have room overhead. Checking a bag might even be worth it, despite the extra fees.
  4. Layers- travelling, on a plane, train or car can make it hard to regulate your temperature. You might find yourself being hot, cold and then hot again. Make sure that you wear multiple layers that are easy to put on or carry around if you take them off later.
  5. Earplugs- Again, whatever your mode of travel, you might find yourself really stressed and needing some quiet time. Earplugs are a small, easy solution to blocking everything out for a bit, especially if you’re going to try to sleep on a plane or as a passenger.
  6. Phone with travel apps (AskTSA)- Obviously you’re always going to bring your cell phone while you are travelling; it’s a must have. Make sure you maximize its use by downloading some travel apps. Many airlines have apps to let you check in to your flight. If you have any last minute questions, you can even tweet at the TSA (@AskTSA) or the airline. Make sure that you stay kind and considerate and never be overly dependent on your phone in case something happens to it.
  7. Charger- Right along with the phone, you’re going to want to have a charger. Have a power pack of some sort so you can charge it when you’re on the go whether or not you’re near an outlet.
  8. Good playlist- Put together a good playlist or gather up your favorite cds if you’re more traditional and travelling in the car. Good music can help you stay calm or de-stress. Put on your headphones and pretend you are somewhere else.
  9. Extra time- More important than anything you can pack in your bag, give yourself some extra time to travel. Get to the airport early, make sure you have everything ready the night before, including a car full of gas. A little bit of extra time is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  10. Peace of mind- This might seem like it’s not a tangible thing you can pack in your bag either, but there is a way you can take peace of mind with you. If you have Internet access and Guardian’s interactive services, you can check in on your home with your smartphone. Know that your home alarm is armed, and even look in on the house if you have video security. No matter where you travel, you can take the peace of mind of interactive home security and home automation with you.
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