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Get Organized And GO For 2016

Did you know that January is Get Organized Month (aka GO Month)? Many people decide that they want to get more organized as a New Year’s resolution, but it can be overwhelming to start in the middle of your busy life. You can begin the process of getting organized today, however, with a few simple steps. Getting started is half the battle.

Here are some tips for getting ready for an organized year!

  • Name your goals– Start with writing down, as specifically as you can, the goals you have for the new year.  They can be specific to organization or more life-oriented. Knowing what you are trying to achieve this year starts with have a realistic list of specific and attainable goals.
  • Write a daily list- Aside from your goal list, write more granular to-do lists. They could be weekly, monthly or daily depending on your needs and  your comfort level. We suggest starting with just a day or just the weekend. Remember to make your to-do list. Don’t over schedule yourself. Leave room for your everyday life.
  • Get rid of something– Start small and get rid of a box of things you don’t need or use. Start with just trying to fill one box. Do this once a month or even once a week if you can manage it and you’ll minimize the extra clutter without even thinking about it that hard.
  • Prioritize- What kind of organization will make your life the easiest? Focus on that area first. Sometimes you can spend so much time keeping everything perfectly organized that it defeats the purpose in the first place: being able to find the things you need quickly and efficiently.
  • Understand it won’t be perfect- While you’re organizing you might get some tips from magazines or Pinterest. When you’re looking at the examples, you might feel as though your home will never look like the images you see. The truth is, you probably will not achieve the perfectly curated look you see because it’s not always attainable for every day. Be easy on yourself and understand that as long as you are comfortable and your living space is functional, you’re doing great!

Have you been meaning to look into home security but haven’t gotten around to it or keep forgetting? Contact us today. It’s an easy thing to put on your list!

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