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Cut Energy Costs And Stay Warm This Winter

In the midst of winter, you often have to try to balance between turning up the heat and suffering from increased energy bills. There are many ways to keep your home warmer in the winter while lowering the amount of energy you use. Try one of these tips.

  1. Use natural sunlight. Open any window coverings so that the sun can help heat your home during the day. This will warm your home naturally and it will also provide natural light, which will help with tip number two as well.
  2. Manage your lighting. Energy.gov claims that 10 percent of the energy used in your home is used by lighting. Using energy efficient lightbulbs in your home can help. Home automation allows you to have your lights turn on and off automatically and be controllable by an app on your phone. This allows you to make sure your lights aren’t left on when you’re not at home.
  3. Look for ENERGY STAR ® appliances. ENERGY STAR ® certifies a variety of products and appliances to help you know that they will use less energy. If you are replacing anything from a washer/dryer or refrigerator or stove, look for these products. They often use the most efficient, newest technology and are a worthwhile investment to help lower your energy bill.
  4. Use power strips. Some electronic devices use electricity even when you aren’t using them and they are turned off. This energy is called “phantom energy” or “vampire energy” and it definitely can add up costs on your electricity bill. You can avoid phantom energy by unplugging all your electric devices whenever you turn them off. While that can be a hassle, you can also make use of power strips to manage multiple devices at once. You can also buy power strips that sense whether devices are in use or not and will cut off phantom energy without having to turn the strips on and off.
  5. Maximize thermostat programming. A programmable or automated thermostat has been shown to help you decrease the amount of energy you use. Many people aren’t fully up to snuff on using their thermostats, but don’t worry! We have a whole post about the importance of using your thermostat properly.

If you’re serious about lowering your energy costs, you should consider home automation. Guardian Protection smart home automation might be right for you. Contact us to request a consultation.

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