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Tour The New Guardian Website: Devices Page

You might have noticed that Guardian has recently revamped its website, but you might not notice some of the new features you can find across the site. If you are looking to learn more about home security there are many things to explore on the new website. Likewise, if you have a home security system but want to expand into home automation, you can learn more on Guardian’s new website.

One of our most valuable learning tools on the new website is our Home Security and Automation Devices page. This page allows you to explore and learn more about specific pieces of technology. You can sort the devices by categories and click on them to learn more information. The categories include home security, home automation, security cameras and sensors.

Individual product pages offer you a brief description, suggestions for use and tips for what the devices can offer you. You will discover that these devices can be added on to our packages. You can see the basic Guardian Edge™ Packages on the Home Security Packages page as well.

You can always look for the purple buttons that say “Request Appointment” to set up a meeting with one of our representatives to discuss how home security or home automation could work for you in your home.

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