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Creative Home Security Solutions

Home security doesn’t have to be boring. If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest  you might have seen some “creative” takes on security. We have a whole board of them on our Pinterest account.

These ideas, while amusing, are not the only way to get creative with your home security. Finding ways to personalize the use of your monitored system with some home automation elements, can help you have a system that fits your unique needs without relying on unpredictable tricks. Let’s take a look at some security “problems” you can solve creatively.

Problem: My kids get home from school before I get home from work.

Creative solution: Set up your Guardian app so that you receive a notification when your system is disarmed during the time range they should be arriving home. You can even set up an image sensor in your entry area to take a picture when it senses motion in that area during that timeframe as well.

Problem: How can I help keep people out of my gun, liquor or medicine cabinet?

Creative solution: Use smart sensors wherever you want to be notified when something is opened. They can be programmed to either to send you a notification when a sensor has been activated or to send a notification to central station if the sensor is on something that is extremely critical or sensitive such as a gun cabinet.

Problem: I  worry about my pets while I’m at work.

Creative solution: Arrange an indoor pan-and-tilt security camera or indoor security camera with night vision so that it covers the area  your pet frequents during the day. When you’re worried, you can use your Guardian App to look in and see what your pets are up to!

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