State of Home Security and Automation 2016

According to Coldwell Banker Real Estate experts, 45% of homeowners will have smart home technology in 2016. Their research found the categories of technology in a smart home are  security, temperature, lighting and safety.

This research shows that smart homes are becoming common faster even than expected, and not just in any one of the four categories listed above. In fact, the research showed that smart homes often have three or more categories of smart technology to be considered a smart home. What does this mean? It means the future is in integration.

Integrated home security and automation allows you to manage major parts of your life and home from your phone. These systems also allow you to set up triggers so that your technology seamlessly works together. These systems also make it easier to incorporate new smart products and services together as they are developed and proven.

Imagine arriving home from work. You check your phone to make sure you don’t have any notifications and then open an app to unlock your door and disarm your security system. The unlocking function triggers your lights to come on in the foyer and the thermostat to adjust the heat since the house isn’t empty anymore.

After relocking your door, your system arms. You look through some of the video footage recorded on your Stream Video Recorder from the day to see what your pets were up to when you were at work. You start to cook dinner, but walk away, causing a smoky mess.  Your smoke alarm goes off and you get a phone call from a monitoring center to make sure everything is ok. You also get a text from your spouse checking in because she got a text alert on her phone that the smoke alarm had sounded.

This scene is something that almost half of U.S. homeowners could experience this year. It’s not a scene from a futuristic movie, but from everyday life.

If you are interested in integrated home security and automation, professionally installed and monitored by an award-winning, 24/7 monitoring center, schedule a consultation today.

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