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Embrace Safety While Online Dating

If you’re doing any form of online dating, you probably know the safety basics: go out in a public place, let someone know where you are going and when you intend to be back. Don’t give anyone money. Don’t give out personal information quickly. Last year we shared this infographic video that shares some important safety tips.

There are some other things to keep in consideration as the average person gets more  savvy on the Internet and on social media.

It’s best to keep your contact in your dating app/site for a while (is there a better way to word this? – hard to understand at first.). Connecting on other social media platforms gives anyone you are talking to much more information about you than you should share at first, including location data. Hold off on the Facebook friending and the Instagram following until you get to know the person a bit. It’s a little contrary to what you might be used to, but it’s definitely safer.

It’s also important that you have a specific set of photos for your online dating apps. Keep these photos off your other social accounts. It’s easy with Google’s reverse search function to find where else these photos are posted. You might be revealing other things about yourself just by reusing the same photos. In the same respect, you should reverse search photos of a potential contact just in case. People who make dummy accounts on dating sights often steal random photos from the Internet. Some scammers also use the same photos with multiple names/accounts. It’s worth a look.

Online dating is becoming ubiquitous, but it’s not unusual to hear about an online meeting gone wrong. Make sure you’re taking all the steps you can to make sure you don’t become the victim of a situation like this.

What are your online dating precautions? Share in the comments!


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