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Your Pet’s Teeth Matter

Do you love getting kisses from your pup? Have you noticed your kitty’s terrible breath or drooling? How much do you think about your pet’s dental health? Most pet owners don’t do enough about their pets’ mouths — almost two-thirds, in fact!

You likely take your kids to the dentist every 6 months and make sure you brush their teeth nightly. Just like it’s important to keep your kids’ teeth healthy, it is for your pets as well. In fact, having your vet check their teeth at their yearly checkup and regular brushing are two of the best things you can do for your pets’ teeth. Make sure you are using pet safe toothpaste (the human kind is toxic) and allow your pet to get used to the process of brushing.

Diet is important too. Dry, crunchy food and special treats (formulated to require a lot of chewing) help reduce plaque in your pet’s mouth. Make sure your pets’ food and treats combined, equal a healthy diet. Asking your vet is always a good place to start.

Keep the signs of dental disease in mind when thinking about your pet’s dental health. Bad breath, pawing at the mouth, difficultly eating, red/ bleeding gums, brown teeth, excessive drooling or swelling under one eye can all be signs of dental disease. Some think these things are only concerns for older pets, but they often show up as early as 3 or 4 years old. Check out this infographic by Pet Care RX which provided information for this blog.

We will also be gathering some helpful tips for pet dental care on our Pet Safety board on Pinterest!

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