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What does it mean to be a Guardian?

Names are important. When parents name a child they put a lot of thought into their decision. Business owners too often will spend valuable time and resources to find an appropriate name and protect it. Remember when Shakespeare pondered “What’s in a name” through his characters Romeo and Juliet? Names are important.

This week is Celebrate Your Name Week and we wanted to look into our name: Guardian Protection Services and what it means for our customers. Guardian is part of our heritage and future, but what does it mean?

Guardian has been a part of the company name from the very beginning in 1950. It has survived through the changes and growth of the business, through different partnerships and initiatives. To be a Guardian our name holds us to a high standard of responsibility for the partnership with our customers.

A Guardian is defined as a defender, protector, or keeper. The alternate definition is someone or something that watches or protects something.  In Guardian’s case, we aim to always help protect people and what matters most to them. On a basic level this can mean home security to help deter burglars and make sure that in the case of a negative event, the proper authorities are notified. But this can also mean helping you to look in on your home to check on your pets or help make sure you keep your kids  out of the gun or medicine cabinets with smart sensors.

Our relationship as a Guardian however is unique. We want to help our customers protect themselves by giving them the tools to hold peace of mind in their own hands. By using reliable technology and embracing features like the Guardian app, users can manage their energy management, automation and security features.

Our customers don’t have to be overwhelmed because they have the help of our 24/7, award winning monitoring center. The monitoring center is the heart of our organization. The monitoring center that is owned and operated by Guardian and independently certified, initiates a response to alarms in 30 seconds or less.

Our name has been associated with many awards and honors, but the most important association is what our customers think of when they see our name. What does Guardian mean to you?


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