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Guardian Can Help You Feel Safe When Moving

If you are packing up your home and preparing to relocate, don’t forget to let us know. If you’re not yet a Guardian Protection Services customer, then this is the perfect time to purchase a home security system.

Many aspects are considered when moving to a new place; one major factor is safety. While exploring your new location, look around and assess the safety features. Is there a neighborhood crime watch sign? Are there sidewalks? Is lighting sufficient to reduce vulnerability? Also consider asking the local police department about the crime rate in your new neighborhood. When moving to an unfamiliar area, a security system can help you to feel safe, deter burglars and alert the police when necessary.

If you are already a Guardian customer, it is important to talk to one of our relocation executives to get everything you need for seamless service transfer. Your alarm system is capable of transmitting alarm signals even after you move and should be reprogrammed to avoid false alarms and/or unnecessary notification of authorities. False alarms are disruptive for law enforcement as well as your neighbors and can result in expensive fines.

Depending on your eligibility, Guardian offers a variety of promotions specially designed for loyal customers who are relocating. Find out about special offers by calling 1-800-246-2148.

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