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Guardian Gives You the Edge in Home Automation

Home automation used to be relegated to the world of  science fiction or those with the wealth and disposable income to indulge their technological fancies. But, over the past few years, the idea of the “smart” home has taken hold of more and more homeowners. New technology and companies have reduced both the cost and complexity to a level where many people can make their “smart” home a reality.

As noted by AlarmSystemReviews.com and others, the home security industry is quickly evolving to maintain its essential functions while adding new capabilities and compatibilities to support an ever-expanding ecosystem of smart, connected devices.

Guardian Protection Services has always been focused on meeting and exceeding the security and convenience needs of its customers. Over the years our product and service line has expanded to support the growing needs of homeowners interested in more immersive home control and automation.

Our Guardian Edge™ home automation service puts you in control of many aspects of your home, allowing you to access and control features of your home remotely. And with our trained professional installation technicians, we’ll make sure each device is installed properly and that you know how to use it allowing you to get the most out of your Guardian system.

Keep Your Cool and Your Cash

Our Z-Wave smart thermostat puts money-saving energy efficiency in the palm of your hand, allowing you to raise and lower the temperature in your home directly from your web-connected mobile phone. And when we say “smart” we mean it, this thermostat self-adjusts the temperature based on your activity patterns helping you conserve energy and save money.

Shine a Light or Fade to Black

Light control modules allow you to turn lights on and off as well as dim them through your Guardian app. You can set a lighting schedule to minimize your electricity bill and also use the light controls to create the illusion of being home while you’re away for extended periods. You can even program your system so your lights turn on when you arrive home automatically! How’s that for convenience?

Open (or Close) Sesame!

Forget about hiding a key under a doormat or rock or worrying about your kids losing their set of house keys. Now you can remotely lock and unlock your front door with Guardian’s keyless door lock and your web-connected mobile phone. You can even create unique access codes so relatives and service technicians can safely enter the home while you’re away. And those harried and hurried mornings that leave you with a nagging suspicion you forgot to lock the front door or your garage? Those days are gone forever because now you can remotely control the lock to your front door and your garage as well to make sure your home’s secured.

As the smart home devices and services market continues to grow and become a more integral part of modern homeowners’ lives, “connected” homes are becoming more appealing to new homebuyers. AlarmSystemReviews.com recently posted that many of today’s homebuyers are willing to pay a higher premium for homes offering already integrated automation features. Adding additional value to the savings and convenience provided with smart home systems.

Whether a move is in your immediate future or not, expanding your Guardian system to support energy management and other home automation functions makes sense as it can potentially add  market value to your home in addition to the convenience you experience. Plus, with our mover relocation services, you always have the option to have your Guardian service move with you if the buyer isn’t interested in maintaining the security and service Guardian provides.


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