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Keep An Eye On What’s Going On Outside

In a previous blog post, we helped homeowners like you better understand the values of adding an indoor security camera to your Guardian system. We also provided some useful tips on how you can place your indoor camera to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the impact these relatively inconspicuous devices can have on your home’s décor.

Having indoor cameras in strategic locations can bring a lot of peace of mind for today’s busy homeowner by providing an accessible way to keep an eye on things anywhere you have internet access. From making sure the family pet stays off the couch to ensuring the same from kids who should be busy doing homework and not looking for their current favorite cartoon, an indoor camera offers service beyond traditional security.

Indoor cameras do a great job at helping us keep an eye on what’s happening inside our home, but for those of you looking to add an additional layer of video surveillance we recommend adding outdoor cameras to your home security system.

Look Who’s On Camera!

First, outdoor cameras are a great deterrent: Burglars are often creatures of impulse and convenience and typically are looking for an “easy mark’ when they’re considering a home to rob (see more about this in this study of convicted burglars). If your home is monitored by Guardian, you’re already one step ahead. When you include a well-placed outdoor security camera,a criminal making a seemingly stealthy approach may well think twice about his next move when the surveillance camera comes into view.

Keep an Eye On Things

Water and weather-proof, your outdoor camera can help you keep an eye on what’s happening around your home as well. Expecting an important package delivery? With an outdoor camera in place, you can not only see when the package was delivered, but where the delivery person placed your order. Second, you can see what’s going on outside your home: While your indoor camera will do a great job of capturing movement and events inside your home, wouldn’t you rest easier knowing you’ve got a full line of sight outside your home as well?

Keen Vision – Even at Night

When something goes bump in the night or the hair on the back of your dog’s neck stands at attention, having the ability to access your outdoor security camera’s night vision video will help ease your mind by showing you the nocturnal antics of a family of raccoons instead of something much more sinister. And consider if Fido was interested in investigating and instead of a family of raccoons, he had to face off against a scared skunk. Considering the crisis you just averted, that outdoor security camera is worth its weight in tomato juice alone.

AlarmSystemReviews recently posted an interesting article on how to prevent break-ins while you’re on vacation which also highlighted the benefits of an outdoor camera. While you can probably trust your neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your home while you’re away, you can’t expect them to keep 24/7 vigil while you’re enjoying your time away. But, with an outdoor security camera, you don’t have to. You can use your Guardian app to check in whenever you want to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around your yard and make sure that not only is the neighbor’s dog taking care of his business beyond your azalea bushes, but that there are no suspicious shadows creeping around looking for a way in. And if there are, your neighbor or the police are only a phone call away.

And as we mentioned, a burglar who doesn’t see any easy target will more than likely rethink his next course of action. As police and law enforcement professionals attest in AlarmSystemReviews.com expert round up, most burglars choose the front door as their entrance point. As Ed O’Carroll, a Captain in the Fairfax Country Police Department noted, “We often see a door kicked in.” and Jeanne MacKenzie, added: “They’ll knock on your door and when no one answers, they come back and kick the door in.” Now, imagine how many of these burglars would turn tail and run if they noticed on their approach a night-vision equipped HD security camera looking down on them as they approached the door? It would give even those with the poorest of decision-making skills an opportunity to rethink their next action, don’t you think?

As more and more homeowners look to expand their security and automation system, Guardian will continue to add new technology offer state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. If you have questions about adding new equipment or adding services, give us a call. Your peace of mind, is our first priority.

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