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Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Are you looking to build value in your home? Ready for a spruce up or to try a fresh new look? Want to make sure you get the most value in a home you might sell? Whatever your motivation is, there are some easy ways you can improve your home without breaking the bank.

Declutter and organize- Finding places for your things and getting rid of some underutilized items can give your home a more open look. Make your rooms look bigger just by getting rid of some things you don’t really need. You can have a sale or donate the things you don’t need to a thrift store that benefits a good cause. Finding different ways to use your space can help too, especially if you are living in a small space. Pinterest is a great place to find some ideas for this, although make sure you keep your expectations realistic.

Tweak builder’s grade- If you had builder’s grade cabinetry and other items in your home, and can’t afford to replace them all at once, there are some ways to update their look. Upgrading to nicer knobs, handles or pulls can make a huge difference, especially if the current ones are plain or out of date. Adding some finishing touches like molding or trim to edges can help too.

Upgrade lighting- Outdated lighting can be very noticeable. Brass fixtures can be spray painted to look more sleek and modern. If you have a poorly lit room, lamps, candles, and/or sconces can make a huge difference. If your lamps have seen better days, try a simple upgrade of the lampshade; it can change the whole look of the room. Proper lighting almost always helps a room.

Look at your flooring- Flooring can make a big impact but changing flooring completely can be expensive and overwhelming. If you can’t make that sort of commitment all at once, look for affordable rugs to dress up your floor. Durable and affordable flooring options are becoming more and more popular and can convincingly mimic looks like hardwood and tile as well.

Repaint something- Paint can be an easy solution to updating the look of a room. From walls to an item of furniture, there are limitless options for refreshing your home with paint. Spray paint is even easier for a quick refresh especially with the variety of colors and finishes. Try light, bright colors to make rooms look modern and more open. There are many great tips and tutorials online that can help you out if you’re a newbie.

Make it smarter- Increasingly, smart homes are becoming more and more common. Home automation elements definitely add value to your home.  A study by Coldwell Banker found that 54% of homeowners looking to sell their homes would add smart home products because they knew it would make their house sell faster. Smart home technology is becoming standard and can improve convenience in your home. Check out Guardian Edge™ Home Automation if you want to learn more about smart home technology.

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    Nice inexpensive tips. Some inexpensive tricks can be included in Home Security List, as well, like yearly maintenance of safety devices, changing of passwords for Internet devices, keeping the door locks and window locks in check. Checking the garage door, trimming of hedges and branches near the windows.

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