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How to Help Protect Yourself From Home Security Fraud

Every year we hear from customers about how other companies pose as Guardian employees as a method of getting clients to sign an additional monitoring contract with the other company.

These solicitors may come to your door claiming to be from the manufacturer of your equipment or from Guardian itself. They often claim that something is wrong with your system, that Guardian was sold or is no longer in business, or that they have a “Guardian Work Order” for you to sign. If you sign anything from one of these solicitors, it is likely that you will actually be signing another monitoring agreement for which you would assume liability.

How to Know You Are Communicating with a Guardian Employee

  1. You scheduled a service call with Guardian for the day/time. Guardian won’t send a technician to work on, or replace, your technology in your home without scheduling an appointment with you first.
  2. The person at your door has an official ID with Guardian’s logo. Guardian employees will be carrying proof of employment.
  3. You called 1-800-PROTECT(1-800-776-8328) and verified the person who arrived is from Guardian. No matter what, it’s a good idea to call Guardian. Not only do our representatives want to know if you are being contacted by a fraudulent company, but they can always verify that an employee is in fact from Guardian.

These solicitors also often make claims that your technology is outdated and that they can offer services Guardian cannot offer. This is all a scam to try to get money from you while leaving you with multiple contracts to juggle.  If you are interested in more advanced technology than what you currently have, call Guardian and we will talk you through the options we can provide.

Things to Remember about Security Fraud

  • Only you can cancel your account with Guardian.
  • Allowing access to your security system to a non-Guardian technician can damage the integrity of your security system.
  • You don’t have to let anyone into your home if you aren’t comfortable.

What To Do If You Are Approached by a Fraudulent Salesperson

  1. Call Guardian and report what you experienced at 1-800-PROTECT(1-800-776-8328). Our Customer Care Department wants to know about cases of fraud and can answer any questions you have if you were approached.
  2. Do not allow anyone but a Guardian technician access or repair your system. This will help ensure the integrity of your system.
  3. Don’t sign another agreement. Though salespeople will try to lure you with promises of cheaper, more elaborate equipment, you will receive two monthly bills if you sign another contract without terminating your contract with Guardian.
  4. Trust yourself. If something doesn’t “seem right,” it probably isn’t. Often these salespeople will not be able to show you a business card or in-depth document proving their association with Guardian. Ask the salesperson to leave and contact Guardian right away.
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