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Babysitters and Home Security

If you have young children, getting someone to watch them can be a huge undertaking. Leaving your children in someone else’s hands can be scary to say the least. Once you’ve found a babysitter and you’re out of the house, you might find that you’re still feeling anxious about your children’s safety. Home security and automation can make the whole process more painless. Here are some babysitter home security tips.

How to Pick A Babysitter

Whether your babysitter is  a family member, friend, neighbor or outside person, make sure they are comfortable with their responsibilities and qualified. Recommendations are a must if you don’t know your babysitter very well and certification (for younger babysitters) can also be assuring. First aid and CPR training is important to help you with peace of mind. After you go through the whole process of finding someone, what can you do to help you have peace of mind while you’re gone?

Teaching Your Babysitter About Your Security System

If you have a home security system, it’s important that your babysitter learns how to use it. Giving him or her a personal access code will allow you to keep track of what times the babysitter disarms your system to enter your home and vice-versa. It will also help you to  keep your other personal codes separate and private. While it’s important for you to have emergency contact numbers somewhere that is easy to access, you can also show the babysitter how to use your security keypad to contact Guardian who can also notify proper authorities in an emergency. This babysitter home security tip can help you feel comfortable in knowing that your babysitter has a quick and easy way to get in contact with Guardian’s award winning monitoring center.

Using Your Smart Home Security System While You’re Away

Sensors can be helpful  aspect of babysitter home security as well to monitor whether any off limits areas are opened either by the sitter or the kids. Using a sensor on your gun, liquor cabinet or even just your office door can provide you with instant email or text alerts  if anyone is getting into these areas when they should not be.

Video security makes it easy to look-in on what’s happening with the children as well. If you are feeling anxious or just curious about babysitter home security, you can use the Guardian app to look in live. Maybe you’re worried that the kids will have trouble with bedtime or you want to make sure that they eat their veggies at dinner. Maybe you just want a little added comfort of knowing that your sitter is being safe. Video security can add that comfort.

With stories of neglectful babysitters popping up on the news, you can be anxious to leave your kids even if you really trust those watching your children. After all, your kids are what matter most to you and it’s hard to leave them in someone else’s care. You don’t have to feel out of control in this situation. Learn more about Guardian and maximize your babysitter home security.

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