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Guardian Partners With Habitat For Humanity

Have you seen our newest campaign with Habitat for Humanity? If not, you should check it out! We are donating $25 to Habitat for Humanity for every new security system preview set through this landing page. Why did we choose Habitat for Humanity for our donations?

Guardian wanted to partner with Habitat for Humanity because we have a strong commitment to helping to protect what matters most. While we help people every day through monitored home security and automation, we wanted to find another way to give back with the help of people who are interested in home security. When you arrange a new security system preview through this landing page there, is no obligation to buy; you will learn a great deal about the types of security features that are best for your home and family and at the same time Guardian will make a donation to this well-respected organization.  Habitat for Humanity International has been helping bring homes to people since 1976 with more than 1,400 local partners and branches.

Because our corporate office is in the Pittsburgh area, we are working specifically with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh, which began in 1986. This branch works to rehabilitate homes for low-income families living in substandard housing.  They also have newer programs to help low-income families repair their homes. These programs help people buy their own homes through interest-free mortgages targeted to those who might not qualify for a bank mortgage.

Another feature of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh is the Restore, which is a functioning thrift store for home improvement and building materials. Donated objects from furniture to appliances to supplies like paint are resold at a discount. The proceeds benefit their projects while being an environmentally friendly way to give unwanted objects a new home.

There are Habitat for Humanity branches like this in many major cities and even all across the world. The variety of services they provide to help people own homes and live in safe conditions are inspiring. Check out Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to learn more!

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