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Why Your Kids Needs an ID Document

Do you have an ID document for your child? Though no one wants to think about it, approximately 2,000 children are reported missing every day. Many of those children show up or are found, but to facilitate quickly finding a missing child, an ID document can be very helpful.

It’s a relatively easy to be prepared for this emergency. Having your child’s biographical information in one document is very important.

Consider including the following info:

  • Full name
  • Any nicknames
  • Gender
  • Height and weight
  • Eye and hair color
  • Place and date of birth
  • Race
  • Social security number
  • Distinguishing marks
  • A recent, clear picture of your child
  • Your address
  • The child’s school, dentist and doctor
  • Your child’s finger prints

All of this information will need to be updated yearly.

As a leader in the security industry, Guardian Protection Services has brought peace of mind to families, homes, and businesses for more than 50 years. Community partnership is key to our mission of spreading the word about our valuable products and services. Through the GuardianKids I.D. Program, Guardian will also spread the word about the importance of child safety, and give parents tools to help keep their children safe. Because of this, we hold events where parents can use our technology to create a Bio-Doc free of charge.

Ibiodoc_samplef you are local to a Guardian Branch and want to learn more about Guardian Kids ID events, fill out this form. If you aren’t local, don’t worry. You can do a low tech version of this document for your children on your own. There are templates online if you want an idea of what they look like. Take a look at our documents for an idea of what to gather for your children.

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