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Imagine a Vacation Without Worry

It is finally summertime which means that for many people it is nearing vacation time. While there is a lot to look forward to while planning for a vacation, there is also so much to stress about. Whether you’re traveling alone or with the family, there are many things to work out, weather to account for, travel plans with benefits and downsides (everyone hates those security lines and luggage fees while flying but driving can be a big undertaking).

Just thinking about it can make a person start to sweat. How can a person use their vacation time to relax when there are so many things to think about? Will everyone get along? Will the weather be perfect or ruin your plans? What’s going on at home while you’re away?

Security Concerns When You’re On Vacation

You might not be thinking about that question every moment while you’re away, but it really is a concern while the family is away. According to FBI data, Household burglary rates are 11% higher in summer compared to winter. Since this is when most people go on vacation, this statistic can be stress inducing. Who needs another thing to stress about?

Imagine taking this factor out of your worries all together. There are many tips for preparing your home (and we’ll share some below), but in the end the most calming thing might be just knowing that your home is monitored 24/7 and even that you can look in any time with your internet-connected smartphone. This means you can take the situation into your own hands as much as you want. If you want to look in through video security, you can! If you want to automate your lights and thermostats, and control them from wherever you are, you can.  All the while  Guardian’s award-winning monitoring station never sleeps but stays ready to respond to your security system’s burglary, fire and emergency signals.

How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Before you leave, however, it can be hard to remember to get your home ready while you’re trying to manage everything else. Check out these tips from our post “Don’t Forget To Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling”

  • Unplug your garage door so it cannot be opened with a universal remote.
  • Lock the door between your home and garage in case someone does get in through the garage door.
  • Don’t give details of your trip on social media or in your voicemail message.
  • Leave the air conditioner on because burglars will notice if it’s off on a hot day
  • Try to make sure the house looks normal from outside.
  • Have a friend or family member check on the house, and park their car in your driveway, so the home looks more inhabited.
  • Consider having someone pick up your mail rather than halting delivery by the Postal Service because having no mail delivered can look suspicious.
  • If you’re leaving your car in long-term parking, make sure you remove any GPS devices. You likely have some of your home’s important information programmed into these devices.
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