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Security Options for Vacation Rentals

Its prime vacation season and many people have a bucket list of places they want to visit. For others it may mean a booked summer on their vacation rental property. Either way it is always a good reminder to remain secure. If you were vacationing at a property would you not feel safer leaving your items as you explore? If you were the owner of the property would it not be good to know the renters treated the place well? A Guardian Protection Services alarm can provides peace of mind for all.

With the rise of more options for vacation rentals like Airbnb HomeAway, FlipKey, and VRBO and the availability of more mainstream rental companies, it’s becoming easier and easier to make some money by renting out your space to tourists. Every so often, however, you hear about these things being dangerous. Adding some security measures to your properties can add some peace of mind to your proceedings.

If you rent out your home or property, home security can provide:

  • A way to check in from your smartphone, whether you’re in the area or not.
  • Give personalized temporary passwords for guests
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Mobile control of your system
  • Deterrent for burglars from yard signs and visible equipment
  • Easy and available technical/ customer support

There are some other security ideas to take in mind. In apps like Airbnb, guests get ratings from other renters. Pay attention to these and look for warning signs that things don’t seem right. Be aware of any insurance and other policies involved in whatever agency or site you’re using to rent through. If you renting out a property on your own, make sure you are protected and properly insured and that your policies are clear and enforceable.

If you are going to introduce home security into your rental property, make sure you disclose it to your renters especially if there is video security. If you’re going to let your renters use the system, make sure you run over how to make it work, give them a temporary password and leave behind all the phone numbers/ instructions they might need. It may take some initial work, but the peace of mind is worth it. Whether you rent the property all year or just occasionally, home security offers benefits you may never have even thought of.

For more information about how home security could benefit your rental properties, visit Guardianprotection.com or contact us.



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