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Summer Security Stats You Need to Know

Household burglaries are 11% greater in summer than winter. Why? Burglars pay attention to the small details suggesting a vacant home and due to summertime being a popular time for vacations there are more vacant homes for weeks at a time.

Mail– Some say stop the mail, so a full mailbox does not raise a red flag. The best solution would be to allow a close friend to retrieve the mail. Stopping the mail allows people to know the house is empty especially if someone catches the mail person skipping the house for a few days.

Windows– The cool breeze through the window tends to be more enjoyable in the summer, but do not forget to shut and lock them when leaving the house. Window access becomes easier with nicer weather. Also, closed blinds screams empty home, so be sure to leave one or a few open.

Lights– Timers that may be easily set-up with a security system allow outsiders to know people are home. Outside lights in the back and front on during the night keeps intruders away.

Social Media– Although frequently used, updating friends and family with pictures and experiences should be done following your getaway. Burglars remain up-to-date with social media to specifically find posts regarding empty homes. Depending the site, you may be able to shares posts with close and trusting friends, but if unsure it is best not to post. Please make others travelling with you aware to eliminate the risk.

To help burglars believe the home is not vacant ask a neighbor to park a car in your driveway occasionally. Remove the emergency key and consider re-hiding upon return. Consider a security system with Guardian Protection Services to ease your mind and help protect your home while away.

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