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Beach Safety Tips

The sound of crashing waves and a brisk salty wind fill your senses as soft sand squeezes between your feet.  Sounds wonderful, right? With all the wonderful and relaxing aspects of the beach, we sometimes forget that the ocean is a powerful part of nature that can sometimes cause danger.

If you’re heading to the beach any time soon, you might want to brush up on your safety knowledge so that you can have fun and be aware of any risks you might run into.

One of the main risks at the beach is the ocean itself. Remember that young children and weak swimmers should avoid swimming in the ocean and should wear life jackets if they plan to be near the water.  Always swim on a beach monitored by a lifeguard.

Even strong swimmers should realize that swimming in the ocean provides specific challenges. Rip tides, particularly, can come out of nowhere and make you lose control. Experts say you should not fight the current and stay calm until you are out of the current.

Before you head to the beach each day, make sure that you check on the water conditions by talking to a lifeguard and paying attention to any signs or flags that are posted on the beach.

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