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What New Homeowners Need to Know About Security

Any time you move, buy a new home, rent a new apartment, or uproot your life it can be stressful, but first time home buying tops the chart. A ton of questions may cross your mind.

Did we choose the right house?
Will our neighbors be nice?
Will this really take 30 years to pay off?
How much will the movers cost?
How do I choose insurance coverage?
Should we purchase security?

The list continues and may not stop until moving day. Guardian Protection Services can help reduce the security concerns. We offer many packages that fit everyone’s needs.

If you’ve never considered home security, there are several reasons why you might want to in your new home. Here are just a few:

You don’t know your new neighborhood yet. You probably did some research on the safety of your new community, but nothing quite makes up for just knowing the area and being familiar with the people and activities going on in your area. Home security can help you feel some peace of mind and it can act as a deterrent to potential burglars.  A trusted neighbor never hurts in case of emergencies, but while you’re busy building those relationships, a security system can lend a hand.

You made a big investment; Help protect it. Traditionally changing the locks on a new house assists with security, but only from the old owners. An alarm system  can help detect anyone attempting to damage or burglarize the house. Consistently check windows, doors, and locks to make sure they are functioning properly in your new home. Window and door sensors may be on as many locations as you desire to help you monitor other potential areas of access in your home.

Make your new home smarter. According to Coldwell Banker Real Estate experts, 45% of homeowners will have smart home technology in 2016. Smart home technology makes life more convenient and adds in value to your home. Whether you’re ready to add those features now, or want to be ready to add them in the future, starting with home security now sets up a framework you can build upon for years to come.

Save money on home owners insurance.  Many home insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners with security because they realize these homeowners are less likely to be burglarized and therefore making claims. This can be like a two for one deal…you get both a security system and a percentage off your homeowner’s insurance payment.

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