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Peace of Mind You Can Count On

One of our customers recently shared a story about how her family decided to make the switch from one of our competitors to Guardian.

We had ADT for more than 10 years. We didn’t know that our home was not being monitored properly. When we switched from landline to cellular, we contacted ADT and asked for instructions. Given the list of things to do, we followed through. We assumed that we were done, especially since we did exactly what they said. That was more than 1 year ago. From our conversations with ADT, it appears our home hadn’t been monitored for at least 1 year (or more!).

When our alarm went off at 2:30 a.m. one morning, there was no ADT call. We, instead, called the police. Imagine the panic and fear that existed in our home. Our kids, pets and parents were awakened in the middle of the night to a potential intruder. We needed to know everything would be fine.

Calling ADT the next day confirmed that there was no signal coming from our home. They had no record of the alarm. None. They insisted that it was our fault that we had no signal/service. Huh?

After several calls, we canceled their service and contacted Guardian Protection. Diane Lorello made the transition easy and affordable. We appreciated her immense professionalism and calm manner.

We have been happy and have felt safe with our new system. Thank you, Diane. You have make a world of difference and we are grateful.

-Melanie G.

Learn about how you could switch to our award-winning services. We make it, as this customer says, “easy and affordable.”

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