The Block Party Is The Most Important Event Of The Year

Is your local community having a block party this summer? If not, you might want to consider suggesting one! You might think it seems like a bother to get so many different people gathered together for a silly party, but actually, a summer block party can help boost the security of your whole community. That’s one important get-together.

Why is it important to get to know your neighbors? A strong community sticks together to keep their eyes open for when things might go wrong. Whether you accidentally left your garage door open or if someone is creeping around outside your front door, a neighbor is likely to notice when something strange is going on. Building good relationships with these neighbors means they are comfortable bringing up concerns with you and know how to contact you.

This community is even more helpful when you go on vacation. They may be willing to check your mail, water your plants or even park in your driveway every once in awhile to help make your home look inhabited. But in order to trust your neighbors to do this for you, you have to get to know them! A block party is a great place to start. Being willing to help out your neighbors when they are away can also help keep relationships strong.

Another thing you might want to bring up at your block party is the idea of a formal neighborhood watch. If you find that your neighbors are interested, it might be a good time to talk to local police about getting organized and getting some Neighborhood Crime Watch signs (we help provide these to police forces). According to a 2008 analysis by the U.S. Justice Department Citizen policing programs were associated with a ‘significant reduction in crime.’”

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to have a block party. You might even want to take charge if your community hasn’t ever had this sort of event. Check out our Pinterest page for some block party ideas!

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